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Paignton RFC needed help to boost its image for the 2019 rugby union season.

It was important to give Paignton a clear idea of their image without having to go away from the traditional values of a family club steeped in many years of history.

Meeting with Darren over coffee, it became clear that Paignton RFC was a family-orientated club with a long and proud history.
They wanted this to be represented in a marketing strategy they could use for the next phase of their vision and development.

The Solution

Through thorough research of the club, we began to design a unique logo for them by sticking with the crest design and applying the traditional, yet modern feel alongside the “Cherries” color scheme.

The next step was the production of marketing materials such as vertical banners, stationery, flags, flyers, etc., that had a particular design of the Red and Black curves to loosely symbolize the shape of a rugby ball.

Also, not forgetting the application of motion graphics, for their Cherries YouTube channel, including the main titles and the Lower Thirds.

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